The Bajit project involves the sale of Riddaren 5, Nybrogatan 19 and 21 properties for conversion into tenant-owner apartments through Oscar Properties. The Bajit project has signed an agreement with the developer, Wäst-Bygg, to construct a new cultural and educational centre.The Riddaren 6 property on Riddargatan – the former Hillel School –will be renovated and a new building will be constructed adjacent to the property on the yard of Riddaren 6. This new building, with 5,000 sq. m. of space, will primarily house the Hillel School and pre-school, as well the activities of the Jewish Centre, a cafe and kosher deli.

Jewish voluntary organisations, the Judisk Krönika magazine, and Paideia will be housed in the old Hillel School on Riddargatan. Locations and space have not been definitively confirmed and are subject to change. The Bajit project is headed by the Judaica Foundation, which will become owner of the Riddaren 6 property, as well as the new building which is to be constructed. The entire project is, of course, being carried out in close cooperation with the Jewish Community and the Hillel Association.
A project group been formed to oversee the Bajit project. Its members are Mikael Kamras (chairman), Lena Posner-Körösi, Gabriel Urwitz and Stig Thoresson (building expert).

Bajit’s aims

– To provide modern, spacious premises meeting the needs of the Hillel School and the pre-school, and to facilitate a genuine multi-purpose building serving “Jewish Stockholm”. An easily accessible educational and cultural centre for people of all ages, with an obvious, prominent role in a multicultural urban environment. This is the clearest public expression of Jewish life in Stockholm since the construction of the synagogue and Community offices on Wahrendorffsgatan!
– To create meeting places providing cross-activity integration; this is a key concept underlying the new building. By bringing together Jewish education, tradition and cultural activities under the one roof, major opportunities will be created to develop, stimulate and strengthen Jewish life and Jewish identity. The new cultural centre is envisaged as a meeting point offering a wide and varied range of society and organisation activities, education, culture and sporting activities. There will be room for lectures and presentations, concerts, films, course activities, and space for debates. Unique opportunities for cooperation will also be created thanks to the interface between the Hillel Association’s school and pre-school activities and the Centre’s youth activities.
– To ensure a Jewish future in Stockholm ― that is what we can ultimately hope to contribute through this integrative endeavour and the vitalising effect of the internal integration of activities as well as integration with the surroundings, since the Centre will be open to all as a natural and self-evident part of the cultural life of Stockholm and Swedish society.


The timetable for the project is still flexible to some extent. The aim is to open the Bajit building by the start of the autumn school term in 2015.